The deal about window shutters is……

What is it about window shutters that make their choice complicated? Is the hesitation around what and how to choose? These and more are clarified by understanding the features of window shutter to consider before choosing them.

Firstly, the choice of material for the shutters matters a lot. Instead of real wood for your shutters opt for the less expensive faux wood which is engineered wood, resembling actual wood, made by binding together some materials, adhesive and veneer.

Secondly, the choice of shutters is made to fit the space with appropriate style and colour. The louver configuration is done to suit the needs and to keep the plantation shutters cost at minimum. The choice for the width of louvers is made based on how much light is required to pass into the room when the panels are adjusted. Wider louvers also provide better visibility when opened.

Thirdly the choice of window shutter to be interior or exterior mounted. When shutters are meant to create a style statement, they are hinged in the interior to add a look to the windows, as well as the wall surrounding them.

Fourthly the shutter height could be cafe style or full length covering the whole window. Based on the type of window and the visibility required, the choice can be made.