How Much Should I Pay for A Waist Trainer?

There are different types of the best waist trainers and each type has its own range of standard retail price. Read below.

Costume Waist Trainers – $40 – $120

These waist trainers are not suitable for long time use. Although, its material is great for one time occasions and parties.

Beginner’s Waist Trainers – $80 – $120

These waist trainers are suitable for losing a few inches from your waist line. It is also good for users who are just starting to use it. The high quality materials make it long-lasting compared to the first type of waist trainers.

Designer and Handmade waist trainers – $210- $520

People who are serious about waist training and waist trainers will only invest $200 or more for these types of waist trainers. They’re made out of top-quality materials from famous brands.

Custom waist trainers and fancy handmade ready to wear – $520 – $1500

This is not about waist training anymore. It’s about looking fancy in a costume party. These waist trainers are specifically made for your body.